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Lampshade and know-know Made in France

Lampshade and know-how Made in France

The lampshade has been used in our homes since the 14th century with a real boom with the rise of electricity in the 19th century. Although shapes and materials are developing, the lampshade is still today a discreet or even erased element of our interior.

Today with the development of design, the luminaires are bolder facts but also more costs.

The craze for magazines, television programs or websites specializing in decoration and housing shows that the French are more and more interested in the layout of their interior.

For the past ten years, it has also been developing the design of lighting, which now offers it an important place in interiors. Although the high-end luminaires have expanded, there is one element that we tend to forget but which is subconsciously bought en masse: The lampshade

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