La Grande Pépinière - New Gardening Concept Store

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Beautiful project for an innovative concept store in Quimper, France : La Grande Pépinière

Surrounded by majestic redwoods, La Grande Pépinière is one of a kind. Within it, the visitor can discover all the cultivation of many local plants, from the stage of the first growth to the complete development of the plant.

Here, it is not a garden center but a place where you learn not only to take care of the plants but also to discover, repot and cultivate them.

The time stops when one enters this space, the visitor takes the time to breathe, to walk around, to stop and marvel through the different spaces.

We had the privilege to be part of this adventure and bring our little touch to sublimate this green setting. In the workshop where the training will take place, we have installed 4 beautiful colorful lampshades to illuminate and sublimate the surrounding greenery.

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